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Welcome to Professional Photography, a demo of what your photo site could be!

I’ve put together a design whose purpose is to showcase your best professional photos. It’s a portfolio as well as a way for your potential customers to contact you.

It could also be used for other types of businesses that have a need for other top-notch visuals, such as very precise high-end products.

Many sites don’t benefit from a big slider like the one you see above, as tempting as that may be, but for pro photography, it’s often the way to go. A slider as big as this one requires top-quality photos, as the slightest lack in focus, color, resolution, and lighting will be very obvious. It also requires that the photos be the same size, layout, and resolution. As a professional photographer, I know you’ll have that covered!

Obviously people shopping for your photo services will benefit by seeing your work here on a desktop, or at least on an iPad or tablet device. Still, unlike many top photographer site designs, I wanted to make a design that would work well on phones as well as larger screens. It does work quite well on phones, with the exception of the full-screen video.

Maybe you also have some photos that are a little less traditional in their shapes and layout, but are still fine quality? Try out the Gallery link to see a way of showing those.

Of course lots of other features could be added to your site such as blogging capability, products for sale, and so on.