Some of the highlights of this design:

  • A full screen slider photo gallery on the home page.
  • An optional large photo at the top of each page – here’s an example on the gallery page.
  • Custom content on each page.
  • Space at the bottom of pages for various small content boxes. Other areas can also be set up to hold custom content.
  • Pop-up gallery for displaying photos of different shapes.
  • Capability of having a movie on a page. Optional, as having high-definition movies is less common than other types of content. Of course, embedding YouTube videos is easy.
  • The pages look good on phones. Curiously, some fancy photo site designs don’t do much to accommodate small screens.
  • The appearance of almost anything on the site can be altered to taste, such as colors, fonts, spacing, backgrounds, etc.

There are plenty of other types of content possible, such as contact forms, calendars, blogging, additional pages, embedded media from elsewhere, and plenty more.